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Our Centre’s Facilities

We are pleased to offer a swift and efficient service, be it an MOT, new tyre or a repair to a dent on your car.

To make your visit to us as easy as possible Autocentre Bushbury offers a comfortable waiting room with free tea, coffee and WiFi.

And if you can’t get to our test/tyre/repair centre, we offer a free collect and return service within a 5 mile radius of the centre.

We have a high bay MOT testing area, a fully equipped tyre fitting bay and a dedicated SMART repair bay.  So we can cater for nearly all types of vehicles, including motohomes, campers, hi-top vans and mini-buses.


Ring us today to

arrange your next MOT

have your puncture fixed

replace a tyre


repair your bodywork or bumper




Need more help? Call us Tel: 01902 789319