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Our SMART Repair Service

Autocentre Bushbury uses the latest technology to offer repairs to stone chips, small dents, alloy wheel refurbishment as well as windscreen chips to help keep your vehicle looking as good as new.

New advances in technology means damaged areas can be repaired in a matter of hours, which means less labour time and so dramatically reduces the cost customers can incur compared to a traditional bodyshop repair processes.


Questions about SMART repairs
SMART stands for Small, Medium Area Repair Technology, it is a way to repair a scuffed bumper or dent in your door without paying for the the whole side of your vehicle’s panels to be painted, or replacing the bumper.

SMART repairs are normally cheaper than a repair at a bodyshop and they are of the same quality and finish as a full bodyshop repair.

SMART repairs are quick and are normally completed on the same day as they’re started.

SMART repairs are cheaper than traditional bodyshop repairs and due to the lower cost, you might find that it is cheaper than the excess on your insurance if you were to make a claim.  Choosing a SMART repair means that you will not lose your No Claim Discount.

SMART repairs can also maintain the resale value of your vehicle and increase the likelihood of a sale. A potential buyer may be put off if they notice chips, spot dents or scuffs.

The damage to your vehicle will dictate the kind of repair needed.  If you have a small dent and it hasn’t affected the paintwork, then a paintless dent removal technique could be used which doesn’t require the use of filler or paint. The dented area is gently manipulated to remove the dent.

If your paintwork has been damaged then filler followed by paint is required. The damaged area is sanded back to a sound surface before being filled and then dried with a heater. The whole repair is then sanded smooth and rubbed down before applying spray paint that is virtually identical that’s on your car now, followed by a coat of lacquer. The whole area is then polished until it looks as good as new.

Description coming soon.

If the damage is too extensive, or in an area that can’t be repaired, we have a number of approved repairers that can quote for repairing the damage, or replacing the wheel if necessary.

Call us to book an appointment for an assessment and quote for a SMART repair or referral to one of our approved repairers.

it was amazing how good my door looked after the repair.  I couldn’t see where the dent had been. — J. Mitchell

saved me a packet on a new bumper after I scuffed it against my gate post — N. Wells

If a SMART repair is not suitable for any of the damaged areas on your vehicle, we can arrange a bodyshop repair to bring your vehicle back to showroom condition.



Some examples of our SMART repair work

Dent Repair

This was a repair to a rear panel and arch after it was dented in a supermarket car-park.

PriceEnquire for price…

Time takenFrom 2 hours

Scratch Repair

This was a repair after a scratch from a gate post.

PriceEnquire for price…

Time takenFrom 2 hours

Bumper Repair

Scuffed bumper? Ask us for a quote to repair it.

PriceEnquire for price…

Time takenFrom 1 hour

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