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Our Tyre Fitting Service

Our fully-qualified experienced technicians will replace your tyres, balance and align your wheels, and repair your punctures.  We can supply and fit all makes of tyres for cars, 4x4s, light commercial vans and minibuses, as well as specialist winter and run-flat tyres.

All prices include balancing, valve, and the disposal of your old tyre.  We also offer wheel alignment (tracking) as well as free tyre checks.



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Remember to check what the tyre size and speed rating is.  It will be on the side of your tyre and look something like

215/70/15 (v rated)


Questions about Tyres and fitting

Our price includes valve, fitting, wheel balancing and the old tyre disposal charge.  We also include free tea, coffee and WiFi while you wait.

We offer 7 types of tyres:  All season, winter, summer, run flat, Van, 4×4 and caravan tyres.

Tracking (Wheel alignment) is a way of measuring and setting the angle and direction at which your wheels are set.  If your vehicle has poorly aligned wheels it can decrease the lifespan of you tyres by wearing them unevenly and forceign them to scuff across the road rather than rolling along it. This can then increase fuel consumption and affect road holding.

Classic signs of misaligned wheels are:
The steering wheel pulling to the right or left when driving on an even surface
Uneven tyre wear, especially to one edge..

Tracking problems can arise from hitting kerbs or driving through a pothole at speed

If you think your wheels may be misaligned, book an appointment with us to have your wheel alignment checked and one of our specialist technicians will measure the alignment and correct the problem if needed.

Wheel balancing makes sure that the weight of the tyre and wheel is evenly distributed.
A wheel balancing machine checks the balance my measuring the difference in weight around the wheel, and then shows the technician where to place small weights to even up the weight distribution.

When a wheel with a new tyre is mounted onto the axle for the first time, it has to be balanced beforehand.

However, over time the wheels get out of balance again from every bump, pothole and corner, as well as the wear on the tyre. Which means you may need to have the balance checked and adjusted regularly, not only when you replace the tyre.  We can balance your wheels for you.  ring us for more details.

Because the wheel spins very fast, any weight imbalances are amplified, which can cause the following problems:

It can create serious vibrations with each wheel which is out of balance.
Tyres wear unevenly and can get hot due to the imbalance.
An unbalanced wheel can also strain the suspension and wheel bearings as they attempt to compensate for the vibration.

If you notice vibration through the steering wheel when travelling between 40 – 70 mph it is likely that your front wheel, or wheels, are out of balance.  If you notice uneven tyre wear it may also indicate an unbalanced wheel.

When you buy new tyres from us, we include wheel balancing as part of the tyre fitting service.
If you would like us to balance your existing tyres, please ring us to book an appointment.

I thought I’d have the expense of a new tyre, but it was repaired for a fraction of the price. — E. Rose

quickly replaced my blown tyre, and then a full check on the other tyres, including the spare.  So easy and helpful. — M. Johnson

You may not need a new tyre if you have a puncture; we can repair many types of tyres.

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